Oceanside: Day 7

75034_4801426953846_778717332_n“Today was the last day of work on my first mission trip!  The experience I have had in Oceanside has been amazing.  God showed His love through each of us in different ways to truly impact the people of Oceanside that were linked to Generation church.  The work I did at Jennifer’s house seemed to never get done, but today, when we finally finished, it all came together as a beautiful home.  To see her house completely clean from dirt and unneeded items, as well as, repainted inside and out was an indescribable feeling of accomplishment.  It took team work and patience, but the Lord gave us strength to persevere and get the job done.  Jennifer’s house is nothing like it was when we got there the first day which is exactly what we came to do, but definitely not the only thing.  We got to spread the word of the Lord and to see His light shine through a broken home which was our main goal at the end of the day.  We accomplished great things this week and I am so glad I got to spend my spring break on this mission!” – as remembered by Caitlyn Buttram

“Today – Thursday, March the 15th, was the last day of #Oceanside2k13.  I can’t begin to say how thankful I am for the people who have made it possible for me to come here and participate in missions, my love and calling, but also an unconditional thank you to my Father, God for his never-ending love and grace.  On my last day, I stayed at Generation Church and did lots of jobs with my fellow bros and sistahs in Christ: Jah-rod, Sarah, Macey, Cade, and Amy.  We did lots of small jobs cleaning the church and making it a more beautiful place.  We were faced with a few obstacles, such as having to move every single girl’s air mattress, suitcases, clothes, etc., and I complained about it a lot through the week, but we knocked it out in a few hours and got back to work.  It was also hard because our group was so big that it was hard not to keep interrupting the daily work of the church staff, but I kept asking God to help keep my heart in the right place and not get frustrated by that . . . and He did. Throughout this entire week God placed me at different sites to teach me a lesson, and thinking back on my week, I couldn’t be more thankful.  This week truly showed me how thankful I was for just being able to live in a safe town and God also just humbled me every day with different experiences.  I know God brought me here to Oceanside, California to not only help change the community of Oceanside, but to also change me.  I think the theme of this week was: “Love God, Love People; Serve God, Serve People”.  And that’s what probably helped me the most this week when things became difficult.  I could never imagine myself doing anything besides serving for my Spring Break and I’m so incredibly thankful that I was able to come.  I can’t wait to use what I’ve learned this week back in my own community.” – as remembered by Rikki Blue

“This morning it dawned on me how much we as a group have done this week.  We have all faced different challenges throughout the week and have successfully overcome them.  Not everything happened exactly how we wanted it to, but when does it ever?  I spent three days working in the special education classroom with 10 absolutely amazing children and adults.  Listening to the teachers stories about why they work with special needs kids and their childhoods made waking up way before anyone else worthwhile for me.  Each of the kids I worked with had completely different needs and abilities.  I was absolutely amazed by how much they knew.  They taught me that just because they take longer to learn, to talk, read, or do math, doesn’t mean they are all that different from us.  I learned that they want to make friends and that they just wanted to be like everyone else.  This morning the office staff provided breakfast for the FBCGT students that have been working in the school.  Watching their face light up when we gave them the new coffee maker (the fancy one that makes one cup at a time) brightened my day.  The special education teachers provided pizza for our lunch to show their appreciation for our help and the students made us a chocolate cake.  During share time Brett asked us what we thought the theme of the week was and my answer to that question is hope.  Seeing the ecstatic faces of all the people we impacted this week  and the excitement in the kids eyes when I worked with them made every effort I put into this trip worth it.  Now I’m going back to filling the 7,000 Easter eggs that we’re closing out our night with.” – as remembered by Chastity Slevin


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