Oceanside: Day 6

“Today I worked at Jennifer’s house and all week my project has been her daughter Jenna’s room.  I took all of the stuff out of it and cleaned it up on Saturday, I painted on Monday, and on Tuesday I finished it by moving the furniture back in.  I felt so accomplished when I left her house on Tuesday because I thought I had completed Jenna’s room.  Today when I got to the house I decided to go look at Jenna’s room, I expected it to be a little dirty because it’s an eight year old girl’s room.  It was a DISASTER!  It looked like the room I walked into on Saturday with a different color on the walls.  I was very frustrated and I felt like giving up.  Until I realized God was just testing my patience.  I have been praying all week for God to help me with patience because I am a very impatient person.  Once I calmed down I went back to Jenna’s room and organized it again.  I have no doubt in my mind that tomorrow when I go back it will be a disaster again, but this time I’m going to be patient and kind instead of getting frustrated.  God has really shown me a lot this week and it has been such a blessing getting to work at Jennifer’s house.” – as remembered by Haley Frias

“Today I continued to paint the youth center.  We began to detail the walls that we had painted the last two days, and I could began to envision what the final project is going to look like.  I began to get pretty tired towards noon, and as soon as that happened I received about 10 different text messages from people at home giving me encouragement.  It was such a God thing, and I knew that this was His way of telling me to keep pushing through the sleepiness.  Everyone around me had such an amazing attitude.  I was able to finish all of the jobs I had started, as well as, help out others with theirs.  Overall it was a pretty fabulous day.  Even though I wasn’t witnessing people’s lives being changed instantly, I know that the youth center will change many lives in the days to come.” – as remembered by Macey Hampton

“Today I went to the school to work with children with special needs.  This was my second day at the school working with them, and I really enjoyed getting to know a lot of these kids!  I know I’m supposed to be blogging about today, but yesterday I worked with a girl named Fatima, and she was in a wheelchair.  One of my jobs was to play with her on an iPad to try to get her to respond and interact with the sounds.  When she would touch the iPad, she would occasionally look at me and tried to speak, but couldn’t generate any words.  It made me realize how lucky I am that I can do things as simple as speaking, and using my hands.  On a brighter note, I met some nice girls in the bathroom, and I was able to talk to them about why I was on a mission trip for Spring Break instead of on vacation.  Even though most of our conversation was through a bathroom stall (which was extremely awkward), I feel like I really planted a seed.  Today I met some different girls outside of the same bathroom and got to talk with them briefly as well!  I also got to know a little boy with Down Syndrome named Andrew, and I had a lot of fun helping him this week!  It has been a blast in California, but I miss Texas!  Hope my last day is as good as these past days have been!” – as remembered by Sarah Ward

“Today I was able to work in a small group around the church.  I was ready to work hard because I felt like it would be something that we could give back to the church.  We shared great conversations and I loved spending time together and getting a job accomplished with such a small group!  Brett quickly got us in the van and brought us to our next job.  We were given huge stacks of door hangers to walk around the neighborhood with and put on each door.  It was fun walking around and seeing the everyday life of the “Californians,” until I was innocently placing a hanger on the gate and a giant pit bull jumped up and was barking at me.  I was able to practice my 100 meter dash in that moment of time, and quite frankly burned a few calories.  We finished that mission, and were placed at Jennifer’s house to paint a fence.  It was great to go to several different locations, because I felt like I was a part of something so much bigger than I can even imagine.  Even though exhaustion set in, I cannot think of any other way I would rather spend my Spring Break than serving God, and sharing his love with other people.  I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me tomorrow and how I can bring back what I have learned to Georgetown!!” – as remembered by Margo McEntire

“Today was an interesting day.  It started as all the guys waking up and getting ready for work.  Cole, Andrew, Chris, Marshall, and I went back to the “cement house” to dig  wheelbarrows full of dirt.  When we got to the truck a few steps away we realized that the truck that we were going to fill had a flat tire.  We had to stop and go to an auto parts store to get a new tire.  While we were at the auto part store we started to come up with names for the youth center and Chris came up with the idea to name it the shack.  After we discussed the name and told a few jokes, we went to Jack in the Box for a snack.  After an hour or so we got the truck and went back to the work site.  We filled up the truck and went to dig some more.  Once we filled up the truck, Andrew and I went to dump off all of the dirt. After that we went to Jennifer’s house to pick up all of the trash and to take it to the dump.  We loaded up all of the trash and a lot of old  carpet in the truck and Cade and Devin joined us.  After two runs of that we dropped of Cade and Devin.  Andrew, Chris, and I went back to the work site to find that all of the concrete was set and the lady bought us almost a dozen pizzas.  We brought some back to other workers and we were finished for the day.  The rest of the day we ate goofed off and played sports.” – as remembered by Garrett Alton

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