Oceanside 2013: Day 5

“Today I worked for the third time at the concrete site.  We were able to finish the foundation and level out the dirt that will go underneath the concrete.  We also laid down two yards worth of dirt over the ground and piping to smooth it out.  Tomorrow we will finally be ready and prepped to pour the final new concrete for Elizabeth’s kids.  It was cool to see all of our hard work come together and begin the final stages of the project.  I have had a great time serving at this site and look forward to hear about how it all comes out.” – as remembered by Brock Drummond

“Today I went to the Youth Center for the first time on this trip to paint.  When we arrived, we moved all of the furniture and supplies out of the building to prepare for the painting.  Most of the ceiling was already finished, but there was a lot of detailing work that needed to be finished.  I faced my fear of ladders and heights and went up to help finish painting the black ceiling.  We then moved on to painting the walls and detailing the bathroom and kitchen.  Chris Martinez brought us a speaker that we plugged our phones into to listen to music, so we were jamming all day long as we painted.  We also began to scrape up the paint from the floor towards the end.  We were all continually reminded that we were working for Jesus throughout the day, and that we were making a difference for some teenagers in the future.  It was such an amazing day, and I am so blessed to get to help out at the center.” – as remembered by Alison Plueckhahn

“I went to Jennifer’s House for the first time on this trip so help clean out her house.  While there, everybody had all different kinds of jobs.  Some people were painting, others were cleaning the kitchen, and the rest were helping Jennifer figure out what she wants to keep, donate, or even throw away.  The great thing was as I was talking to Jennifer one-on-one she told me before she knew that we were coming that she told Chris Martinez, joking around, that she needed someone to paint her house.  Chris Martinez told her about how our group was coming on a mission trip and that’s how we came upon to being at Jennifer’s.  It is such a blessing to be here today helping Jennifer with everything because I know she thinks it’s such a blessing.  No matter how tired we all get, we know we are all continually reminding ourselves that we are all working for Jesus.” – as remembered by Ryanne Gipson

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