Oceanside 2013: Day 4

“Today I was in the group that was working on the new youth center.  We started off the morning by moving furniture and stuff outside that was left in the building by the previous owners.  We had to look through it and decide what was in good enough condition to keep.   The next thing we did was prayer walk through the building and we wrote verses that were important to us on the walls.  Then we painted the ceiling black.  Painting the ceiling took all day for the group to do.  I worked on one part of the ceiling then traded with someone else and moved into the kitchen.  The colors that we used for the youth center are tan, blue, and black. Most of the painting that I did today was detail work.” – as remembered by Chastity Slevin

“Today my group and I went to Jennifer’s house and painted.  We started off the day with four of us painting the outside of her house which took the first half of the day because there were a lot of crevasses to fill.  The other two people were inside touching up in the bedrooms.  After lunch we all went inside and finished the day painting Jennifer’s hallway and bathroom two really pretty colors. Mrs. Downs spent the entire day cleaning her kitchen and it looks REALLY good but she still has to finish it up tomorrow. It was an awesome day and we accomplished a ton!” – as remembered by Ana Moorhead

“We started off the day at promptly 6:00am.  I ate a quick breakfast and then headed to the vans for our third day on the trip.  Jenna and Jared were our group leaders (parents for the day) and Jenna let everybody know what we would be doing throughout the day.  Ryanne and I had 6th grade math tutoring and a few others picked up trash.  I felt we did a fantastic job with helping the kids and teaching them the best of our ability.  After lunch break, the both of us assisted the special needs group and helped them spell words and sound them out.  I felt blessed to have that opportunity, and I was happy I got to spend the day at the school.  Today the group felt accomplished.  We were tired, but pushing through and asking God for strength is a main priority.  Many of us have grown on this trip already, and I cannot wait to see what else the Lord has in store for us!” – as remembered by Micah Downs

“Today I went to the concrete house.  There was a lot of preparation for Wednesday – when the concrete will actually be poured. Jorge, one of Chris’ neighbors helped out a ton and knew exactly what to do.  While Garrett and Cade cleaned out A LOT of brush and Alyssa and Clara hoed the dirt for the garden, the others took out old drainage pipes and replaced them with much better pipes.  Jorge and Chris led the work.  We moved dirt and rocks to clear out space for the pipes. With a couple of days left, we are very close to being able to pour the concrete and finish.  Please pray that the work is completed smoothly and thoroughly and that GOD speaks to the hearts of Jorge and the lady and her kids that we are helping out.  Also, two people on their Mormon mission came to our house and while they were going to talk to us about their faith, they ended up asking questions about ours and we were able to tell them that we were doing this for JESUS CHRIST! It was really awesome!”

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  1. I want the whole team to know that I am so proud of you all for giving up your spring break to serve others. This is what God commands us to do. I also want to let you all know that I am praying for you all this week for good weather, strength to get your projects accomplished, safe travels and the growth and experiences along with lifetime memories that God will put you through and give you. Blessings to you all.

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