Oceanside 2013: Day 2

“Today was our first work day in Oceanside.  I went to the youth center and for the first half of the day gave out food.  Generations, the church we are with, was hosting a food drive.  They put out potatoes, yams, green vegetables, fruits, and bread for people to pick up.  It was a lot of fun to talk to the customers and see how happy they were for the food.  After lunch we went and worked on the youth center, picking out nails, sanding the walls and cleaning it out to get it ready for painting.  Halfway through we stopped working to go prayer walking.  My group walked up a never-ending hill and found a ledge that looked over the city.  Sitting there listening to worship music and praying was absolutely amazing.  The view was breath taking and it was awesome just taking in one of God’s creations.  I felt truly blessed.” – as remembered by Alyssa Melikian

“So…..first day of work and I can honestly say that I am completely exhausted.  I was in a group that was hauling out concrete slabs of a person’s backyard in order to pour new concrete to make a basketball court for their children.  Assisting us were 3 guys from Beach City Building, a company within Oceanside, and they were volunteering with us on this project.  The first hour of the day consisted of breaking up 3 large slabs of concrete and putting the pieces into a large trailer so it could be hauled to a concrete recycling plant.  After the concrete was taken, we dug out and evened up the dirt so we could pour the concrete into the space in a few days.  All in all, we filled up 3 trailer loads of both concrete and dirt.  Tim, one of the guys we were working with, said that each load weighed about 2 tons, so all in all, we probably moved 12,000 pounds of material.  Safe to say, after our intensive work day, I’m utterly wiped, but, we did get a lot of work done and it feel’s great to be helping people who need it.” – as remembered by Andrew Hill

“Today we awoke early in the morning to begin our day of work in Oceanside.  Although yesterday was a long and exhausting day of travel, I woke up refreshed and eager to work today.  Last night we were able to tour all of the projects we would be working on throughout the week so we already had a pretty good idea of what we would be working on.  I was assigned to work on the house of a woman in a wheelchair (Jennifer), who also had a young daughter.  It was a little chilly in the morning and Jennifer began explaining to us the things that she needed help with; she wanted her and her daughter’s room painted, the stucco and exterior trim painted, a bathroom painted, the back and side yards to be cleaned which included pulling weeds, and she wanted someone to play with her daughter.  We were a bit overwhelmed when we first heard everything we would be doing, but quickly got to work.  We had to wait a little bit on getting some paint to match the existing paint already on the walls, so most of the group began to tape the trim and doors in preparation for paint.  A few us also began on the yard work outside.  We pulled weeds out of flower beds, and later another team helped us get the grass cut.  We were all working on several projects; I mainly painted outside the house and was able to finish all of the trim.  We accomplished organizing and painting Jennifer’s daughter’s room, as well as painting the outside of the home, and Jennifer’s bedroom.  The day ended quickly and we felt very proud of the work we did.  We were all very exhausted but happy that we are able to be serving a family in need.  We will continue working with Jennifer throughout the week to finish the remaining projects.  We are confident that with Jesus’ help we will be able to finish the house before the week is over and will be able to start other projects.” – as remembered by Joseph Babin

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