Oceanside 2013: Day 1

“Yesterday was a long day of travel for the students here at FBCgT.  It started with all of us meeting at the church at 6:15 in the morning.  Then we loaded the luggage into the vans, took attendance, and prayed for the day of travel ahead of us and the week to come.  Once we got to the airport we assembled into our family groups and passed through security without any problems.  After security we got to the gate and waited till our flight arrived at 10:00. We then proceeded to board the airplane for San Diego.  During the flight we had one big event that happened.  Micah Downs came over the loudspeaker on the plane and asked Kiersten Gonzales to the prom.  We landed in San Diego after a three hour flight and proceeded into old town to eat lunch.”   – as remembered by Cole Elliott

“When we finally made our arrival to Old Town, California, everyone split into groups
and ate lunch.  Lunch was highly anticipated by everyone since we ate lunch at 3:00 (central time) or 1:00 California time.  After lunch, we explored Old Time by shopping in tourist shops.  You could definitely feel the Hispanic heritage within Old Town restaurants and shops.  With tired legs, we made it to the church and Chris Martinez, the church pastor, gave us a tour of the sites we will be working at throughout the week.  Once we were through looking at the sites, we all worked as a team to buy food for us for the following day. Poor Walmart . . . Once we had all of our food, we made it back to the church and blew up mattress and prepared for the night. It was an exhausting day!” – as remembered by Cammie Cantu

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