Senior Trip 2K12; Day 2 by Hailey Bishop

Today was our first full day in New Orleans and we definitely didn’t waste a minute of it.  We started off the day by going to church at First Baptist New Orleans.  Since the Spring Break Poland mission trip, God has been revealing just how big he is to me, and New Orleans is just another reminder.  Today in church, it was such a great feeling to know that all over the world, for twenty-four hours, people are worshiping God the same way we do every Sunday morning in Georgetown.  After the service we grabbed a bite to eat, then headed to the swamp tours.  We spent an hour and half cruising around the swamps of Louisiana looking for alligators.  As a part of Battle of the Sexes, our ongoing competition on the grad trip, Mariah was dared, by Brett of course, to ask the tour guide, “At what age do alligators get their wings?”  The tour guides response?  “When they drink Red Bull of course…”  As the tour continued, Morgan Marshall repeatedly asked our guide to catch an alligator.  Although he didn’t catch one himself, he did bring a baby one on to the boat that we all got to hold!  We have lots of pictures for documentation.  As the day was winding down, we got dinner and came back to the house a little later. Waiting for me and the four other senior girls in the bathroom was a life sized replica of a Rottweiler, with the lights turned off.  Strategically placed and planned by the boys, they managed to scare each and every one of us.  Keep reading further blogs, for we are planning our revenge.  All joking aside, I cannot wait to start working in the New Orleans Mission tomorrow.  I couldn’t love my group of seniors more, and am so excited to see what God has in store for us this week.  Keep us and New Orleans in your prayers!

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