Senior Trip 2K12 by Mariah Alton

Today we left the church at 10:00am to embark on our drive to New Orleans.  What should have been an eight hour trip quickly turned into an eleven hour trip with our emergency bathroom breaks, stopping to see the tiger at a gas station, and the boys being indecisive on where to eat for dinner.  Brett created a Battle of the Sexes game and different ways to earn points to decide major decisions such as where we’ll eat, what activities we’ll do, and what bathroom we get at the house we’re staying at.  Chivalry is dead on this trip . . . as the boys took the larger bathroom with more mirrors for themselves.  We had a reflection time where we talked about what God has shown us this past year.  A lot of us had huge decisions to make like where to go to college, who to room with, what we will study, and just growing up in general.  Can’t wait to see what God has in store for us on the rest of this trip!

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