Sunday by Ruth Whorton

Sunday we started by going to the church for the service and Sunday School.  We went to Sunday School first where we more than doubled the size of the class and then we went to the service where the songs were done in both English and Spanish.  It was really cool to see how people who love the same God worship to the same song  in different languages.  After church we ate lunch and got into our canvassing groups.  Then we started walking down the street we were assigned.  We went up to each house on the street and knocked on doors telling people about the Party in the Parking Lot that night and about the VBS this week.  After all the streets had been walked we went back to the church and set up classrooms and for the Party in the Parking Lot.  At 7:00pm families started showing up for the party. We had two bounce houses, an animal walk, and a couple other games.  We had pizza and lemonade and gave out lots of pairs of shoes. The party ended at 8:30 and then we cleaned up and went back to Melody Lane tired, but ready for the week.

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