The last night and the trip home

Hey everyone!  We celebrated what God had done in Brazil with our traditional meal at Schneider’s Churrascaria.  Pretty much the best food on the planet.  It was a great time of food, fun, and reconnection with missionaries from Porto Allegre as well as Marcos.  Telmo’s son Welsey also joined us.

The group picture is from our departure on Friday morning.

We had the smoothest travel of any Brazil trip all the way down and back through Customs and Security here in Atlanta.  Then, as we sat ready to board our last flight home to Austin, a gate agent came over the PA and said that the original aircraft (a 757) had been downgraded to a smaller one (a 737), and that 14 people would need to take a later flight.  It was clear they were going to bump some of us, and we weren’t sure who it would be.  We decided to take control of the situation, and I asked for volunteers from our group to stay behind with me, Brandi, and my girls.  Andrew, Kiersten, Mary Beth and Addie jumped up and agreed to do it.  (It also gives us a credit of $500 each for another Delta flight…something that will come in handy for next year’s mission trip.)  So, our 30 hour trip home was extended for about half of the team.  We will be back to Austin around 5:40pm. 

This trip has been a huge blessing to me, my family, and to the students who joined in the ministry with the Allens in Brazil.  I’ll be writing up a blog at some point and will post a link to it, once it is complete.  Thank you for your prayers and support over the past 9 days.  They have been felt and appreciated!  I pray this has been life changing for those we were able to reach out to as well as those who came on this adventure.  God is GREAT!

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