Addie’s Blog – March 17th

BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE. There were times this week that I felt Satan attacking me. There were also times that I felt God in a way that I had never felt Him before. The frustration, anxiety and all the other feelings that go along with stress were very difficult for me to handle during the week. Not finishing the houses that we started Monday was my biggest fear. I didn’t want to go through not seeing the finished product on Thursday. But, by the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ we accomplished the impossible to us! I think we most definitely minimized the power of God. Satan was there whispering in our ears that there was no way that we were going to finish the projects, and we believed the lies. Fortunately Satan was proved wrong and we won the battle. I think the one thing that everyone took out of this week was that we have to put of trust and faith in Him. He is the almighty and all powerful God of the universe. He created us so that we could use everything we do to glorify Him. Ty was saying this week that if you felt Satan attacking you, you know that you are doing something right for the kingdom. This week I learned that I have to give all of my worries to God. I am weak, but He is strong. He is bigger. There is no way I can live my life worrying about every little thing that MIGHT happen. The “what if’s” give no benefits. Whether you worry about if something might happen isn’t going to make it not happen. So, why worry about it? This is something that I have to tell myself every day. There are no words to describe my thankfulness towards the people that helped me go on this trip. I am so blessed.


Peace and Blessings,


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