Miranda’s Blog – March 15

This has truly been an astonishing week. After having a thirty hour trip from Austin to Dois Iramos, we all have had the motivation to finish three houses by the grace of God! On the first work day my team didn’t have a job to do at a house, so our job was to prayer walk until something came up for us to do. We prayer walked for about two hours with praying on and off. By the first thirty minutes of prayer walking I got a little frustrated because I didn’t come to Brazil to prayer walk. I came to Brazil to let the Lord’s light shine through me while I was doing some type of construction to love on people who aren’t as fortunate as we are in the U.S. After asking God for some type of work I could do, I soon realized maybe that wasn’t God’s plan for me in Brazil. Maybe he brought me all the way to Brazil to walk along the sidewalk of neighborhoods and pray for the people in each home. But as soon as I changed my train of thought as to why God brought me to Brazil, he surprised my family team with two houses that needed work. After three days of changing weather, lack of supplies, and different moods all around our work site, we all managed to pull through and finish the two houses! As soon as we were comfortable with what we were doing, God would always challenge our work rate with the unexpected. God sets high standards for us because he loves us and he knows it’s good for us! This week has been an unpredictable week, in a good way! I was able to witness some of the most amazing stories of how God has worked through the eighteen people who have traveled to Brazil for their spring break! The culture down here is so incredible and unique! I have loved every challenge that God has thrown at me this week! This trip was a life changing experience and God has really showed me how I need to trust him and know that he is in control!


Jesus Loves You!


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