Addie’s Blog – March 15


What a day. What a week. We started out yesterday morning feeling frustrated, worried and on edge. We had 2 houses that still weren’t completed and we had to finish by 4:30 today. Yesterday was such a dark day. Everyone was feeling attacked by Satan and worried that we wouldn’t finish the homes and have to leave them uncompleted. Last night at dinner, Ty came up to me and asked me how I was doing. I faked a smile and acted like everything was ok…if you don’t know Ty he can read faces extremely well and could tell right off the bat that I wasn’t telling the truth. I let out my frustration by crying and telling him that I was worried we weren’t going to finish. He kept telling the team that this happens all the time and that we have always finished. For some reason I just couldn’t believe it until I actually saw it. He told us at share time that we should go in tomorrow leaving the worries of our past behind us. Waking up this morning, still feeling the anger and frustration from yesterday made me just not want to work at all today. On our bus ride up to the house I was praying for God to help me change my attitude towards the people on my team and I asked him to allow us to finish in time to catch the bus home. It is truly amazing how God works. He not only helped me change my attitude, but He allowed me to not get tired while I worked all day, He gave Brazil the best weather you could ask for, He gifted us with not getting major headaches because of the paint fumes, He allowed BOTH teams to finish the houses we started painting on Monday and leave time to relax and just look at the skyline of Brazil.  All I have to say is GOD IS GOOD. GOD IS FAITHFUL. He is bigger than us. We minimized Him as being someone who doesn’t really have any power. HE is the only one who can do all of those things we asked for. I am blown away by the grace and mercy and unconditional love that He gives us and all of Brazil! We also have to remember that we have to praise Him in the good AND bad.  I also got the opportunity to create a painting for all three homes we were working in. That was such an honor. Art is something that relaxes me and something that brings me to a tight bond with the God of the universe. It’s like He was there with me telling me where to stroke my brush and what I should write on top of the painting. When I saw the old man’s face when we gave him the painting, I finally realized why God brought me to Brazil. This is why I love to serve people; this is why I love to paint, because to see the people’s faces after we are done is so bittersweet. I am broken hearted that I have to leave this beautiful place tomorrow, but I am so excited that I got the opportunity to come to Brazil and be a servant of God.


Peace and Blessings,


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