Abigail’s Blog – March 15

Today was very special. Katie’s group was finishing up their house, and Hannah, my mom, and I were helping. We came to a point when Hannah and I couldn’t do anymore work, because the only thing left to paint was the ceiling. We played on the porch a little while, ran an errand for the group, and ate some snacks. Earlier this week we had been helping at the other two houses. The people next door to them seemed to enjoy us, so they wrote a note in English asking if Hannah and I could swim with them. We had John Paul tell them we might not be able to. Well, since we were at a standstill, my dad decided we could go swim. So we went over to their house. They were very kind and gave us snacks. One of the girls was nine years old, Hannah’s age. The other was in her teens. We tried our best to have conversations, but we ended up pointing instead. As we were about to leave, they gave us another note, which had different ways to get in contact with them. I feel like even though there was a language barrier, we ministered to them by giving our time. I hope that I can see them again in the future, and if not at least teach them about Christ.

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