March 15th – Final Day (Poland)

Today was our free day.  We were able to go through Oskar Schindler’s factory (depicted in the movie “Schindler’s List) on Monday morning, but outside of that we’ve been at ministry projects or traveling to ministry projects.  This morning we got up and took a bus to Auschwitz.  We were able to tour the original camp.  It was a pretty sobering tour walking through the place where so much evil had taken place.  After that, we drove over to Birkenau.  Walking onto the grounds where the majority of the 1.1 million people murdered at Auschwitz stood is a powerful moment.  One of our students reflected that their generation will be the last generation to know the survivors of this tragedy.  This experience is one that is extremely hard to put into words for the reader of a blog.

We arrived back to our hostel and did some last minute shopping.  A couple of people went to the Castle at Wawel and walked around it.   We all gathered for dinner at a restauarnt near the castle.  We had our final share time and started packing for the flight home. 

I think we can honestly say that a part of us will always be in Poland!

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