March 14 – Victoria’s blog (Poland)

 It was the second morning we went to the Rynek and asked people questions about religion for a survey. The questions we asked were “do you attend church?” “do you believe that God exists?” “do you think good works can get you to heaven?” Then, depending on what they said, we would venture into deeper spiritual conversation. We talked to at least 20 people and was able to pray with about six. There was one girl who was saying that she thinks people in Poland should explore more options and they don’t because Catholicism is so much apart of the culture. I think because Catholicism is so dominate in Poland, a lot of people just practice the religion and are never challenged in it; us talking to them gives us an opportunity to challenge their faith, so they can think for themselves rather than just do whatever everyone else does. I saw the conversation spark a lot of thoughts and questions in their minds. We did that for about two hours, and then we ate lunch and went to the elementary school. At the elementary school we made American flag pins and played games with the kids. Later that night at dinner, Brett, Hailey, and I were talking about baptism and how Hailey and I had been “saved” when we were younger (we didn’t necessarily understand it at that point in our lives) and got baptized after. We both were genuinely saved in sixth grade and didn’t get baptized a second time after that because we didn’t find the necessity in it. Brett was saying that biblically people get baptized after they get saved (truly). Also I’ve read a lot of stories in the Bible about how people get baptised right after they get saved, so it got me to think about it, and I’m definitely considering it.

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  1. I know this has been an awesome experience! We are very proud of you.

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