March 14 – Morgan’s blog (Poland)

One of our ministries tonight was youth night with some of the Polish teenagers. About 20 teenagers showed up and it was a big hit! Tonight was “Texas Night” and we showed them how to two-step, introduced them to some Texan foods and played Kajabi Can Can. They seemed to really enjoy it so I hink we did a great job. After we danced and played a few games, Brett split us into small groups to ask them some discussion questions. I thought they were going to be a bit shy considering they were surrounded by a big group of foreign kids but they were surprisingly talkative during the discussion! It was so cool to hear what they had to say. They had great answers and they are basically on the same page as us and that makes the reality of God being universal so much more real instead of God just being American. It was an amazing experience to be able to hang out with the Polish teens, we are going to miss them!

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