Chandler’s Blog – March 13 (Brazil)

Today was the second day of work for most groups, but for my group it was our first full day of work since we had to prayer walk asking for work on the morning of the first day. We arrived just as the morning sun was arising. We started painting the inside walls of the first house with a light, blue water- based paint. Whenever Katia came home on her break from work she was amazed by the progress we had made and how great her house was starting to look. In return she made us a very tasty lunch of chicken, noodles, rice and beans. After lunch we immediately got back to work and started painting the outside of the second house. Everybody worked extremely hard, and we sweated more than we usually do.  We had finished painting the whole house with a light, green oil based paint, except for the back wall, whenever a rain storm came in.  A few of us decided to play in the rain for a little while and get completely soaked while the others ran for cover. We had to stand under a nearby roof watching with disappointment as the paint dripped down the wall we hadn’t finished yet. It rained harder in 30 minutes than it ever has in Georgetown. Daniel had to take 4 of us at a time in his car to the bus station, so we wouldn’t get anymore wet than we were. Once we had gotten back to the hotel and everyone had showered up we walked across the street to eat dinner. Joseph and I shared a hamburger that could feed 4 men and was the size of a baby. After we went back to hotel lobby Ty led us in worship, everyone could feel the holy spirit among us as we worshiped the Lord as a church.

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