Alyssa’s Blog – March 13 (Brazil)

Sunday when we went to the Square to go shopping, Zane and Ty decided they wanted to go up the mountain to go say hi to a family that they helped last time they were here. Zane asked me if I wanted to go with them since Laine helped them with that family, he thought it would be cool to see what my brother did when he came. I told him I would but ended up being the only student going, so I was little nervous. First we went with Daniel to the store to buy some stuff for the family. Zane told me that the little we did buy would last the family two or three months and this blew my mind, Especially living in the house hold I live in. Once we arrived my breath was taken away by the scenery of the mountains and their beauty. The house was very small but well put together, thanks to our team from two years ago. There was five or six kids from what I could tell and the mom was seven months pregnant. Hearing her story was absolutely heartbreaking. A lot had happen to her since the last time our team was here. A week after our team had left in 2010 she lost her baby. Daniel said that some people believe it was because she let us in to her home. Bad things happen to bad people and other people believed it was wrong of her to let us in. She had also recently lost her mom and money was tight. You could tell her faith was weakening but she hasn’t given up yet and I personally believe it’s because she is stronger than giving up completely. There we verses on the walls and the oldest son plays the drums regularly for the church. It was amazing how happy the kids were even though times were hard. The whole time we were there they were laughing, smiling and running around. I definitely got a  lot out of meeting them and know I made the right choice by going.

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  1. What a blessing to see how God has worked in and through you all in lives of this sweet family!! God is using you all in amazing ways!!! Thank-you guys for your faithfulness to serve God with all of your hearts!!


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