March 13 – Lacie’s blog (Poland)

Today we went to the Rynek which is sort of like a shopping center/market. While in the Rynek we split up into groups and talked to the Polish people about their religion and faith.  It was a very fun and informative 2 hours. After lunch we went to an elementary school to play with the kids. When I play, I mean pay attention to them. Alot of them don’t get attention so when we come they are so happy to see us! We started off by coloring Noah’s Ark.  They told us to go find a kid and just talk to them and color with them. Of course everyone went to the outgoing kids because they are easiest to get along with even if we don’t understand their language. I saw a boy that was sitting alone with his helper so I went over and started coloring with him. He was very shy and quiet, but he tried to ask me my name in English. I encouraged him to keep trying and after a few trys he finally got it out. His helper had to assist him a lot to speak to me in the little English they both knew.  They told me he was 12 and had Aspergers. I have a soft spot for kids with Aspergers and once I knew that I made even more of and attempt to help him out. By the end of the day he was playing basketball with us and really came out of his shell. His helper told me that she was so thankful for us coming and even more for me taking time to bond with him. After he left I was so excited to come back tomorrow and talk to him some more. After that we went souvenir shopping and then to dinner at this really cool small Polish place with the most interesting food I have ever had. The day was great and I cant wait for tomorrow and the rest of the week. God is doing GREAT thing (:

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  1. That’s our Lacie for sure. I know the way you reached out to and interacted with the boy touched his heart! I know it did mine. Christ calls us each to do just what you did for him. I can tell from the blogs that you all are going to leave a mark on those whose lives you have touched in Krakow. May God’s blessing be upon each of you.

  2. Beverley Jones | Reply

    Way to go Lacie Bug!! Awesome!

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