March 13 – Amy’s blog (Poland)

This morning a group of students went to the Rynek (like the “square” of Krakow) and got split into groups of two to go and ask some of the local Polish people questions about what they thought they needed to do to be saved. I talked to a lot of people and learned many things from them. Such as, I did not know how much people disliked the Catholic church and how badly the church treated people here. I didn’t realize that if you are a member of the Catholic church and want to change to a different religion that they have to fill out a lot of paper work and it’s a hassle that no one really wants to deal with so they just decide to not attend any kind of church service at all. Also, most of the people here have been baptized, but most of them said,”we had no choice but to be baptized.” because their parents baptized them as babies. Another thing that was surprising was that about 90% of all of the people that my group surveyed said that doing good works alone was enough to get you to heaven. We met many people that were interested in becoming Christians and said they might come to the church where we are serving and we even invited a group of teenage boys to come to our youth event tomorrow night. We did this for about two hours and hopefully aided in these peoples’ walk with the Lord. Then we went to the church where the missionaries had prepared an incredible meal for us, and we relaxed, ate, and waited for our next assignment.

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  1. Mrs. Michelle Shaw | Reply

    Amy, you are blessed. Please keep adding updates. As we near the anniversary of our Savior’s death and resurrection, it is a joy to know you and your friends are out there speading the Light.

    Love you tons, Aunt Michelle

  2. We are praying for you Amy. your work is important.

    Love you,

    aunt Diana

  3. Sounds like a great day! Are they open to you praying with or for them?

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