Joseph’s Blog – March 12 (Brazil)

Today was the first day of work.  I was very excited to meet the families we were going to work with today.  We had done a lot of touring and shopping the last few days, so I was excited to converse with the Brazilian people and get to know them and know the way the live.  We started at the first house by sanding down windows; sills, and their trim/frames.  We then applied four coats of varnish on each window and shutter(s), while some of the other groups began priming the inside walls so we could paint them tomorrow.  The day was very hot, and that made the work arduous and tiresome, but we just remembered what our purpose was and who we were serving.  We prayer walked in the steep hills of the colony, covering several blocks, praying over the family’s home and work.  The people here are extremely hospitable and friendly.  Earlier in the night we had group/ share time, and talked how we can continue helping people and sharing the good news not only in Brazil, but in our schools and communities back in the states.  We now have three projects to work on tomorrow and our groups will all begin them simultaneously.

2 responses

  1. What a mighty God we serve!! God is using you all in ways that you will never know!!! I am so very thankful for you all who were willing to sacrifice so much to go to Brazil serving God with all of your hearts!!! Hearts and lives are being forever changed for Jesus Christ!!! Thank-you guys for being the hands and feet of God!!! Praying for you all!! lots of hugs, Teresa

  2. Great to hear from you

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