March 12th – Mariah’s post (Poland)

Tonight, after our busy day, we went back to the church for dinner and Youth Night with some of the Polish teenagers here. It took awhile for them to warm up to us but we broke the ice with some crazy games called Gorilla, Man, Gun, the Human Knot and the Table Slap game. We broke into small groups and discussed our different cultures and what we liked about each of them. Brett then spoke about purpose and how we try to fill the void in our lives with worldly things instead of a personal relationship with Jesus. In our small groups we talked about what things in life distract us and the things that either us or our friends try to fill our lives with. We also shared our testimonies with each other and it was really neat to hear what God has done in some of these kids life and how he has used them to touch other people. We also discussed how the religion here is Catholic and how they look at it as being a duty and don’t necessarily want anything to do with it.  One of the girls in our group shared how being Protestant or activly seeking a relationship with Christ is seen as a cult or people call them heathens. So be praying that God will open people’s hearts and minds here in Poland and that these teens and adults here won’t be discouraged by the words of other people.

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