March 12 – Clara’s story (Poland)

Today everyone who was not working on the stage went to the polish elementary school where the missionary children go.  We got there a little early and so we hung out while the students were finishing up some work.  They have a strange schedule and they do not have a  traditional schedule that we are used to.  They have art, piano, language, math, reading, science and social studies (maybe others, not too sure).  The teachers might teach 3 class periods a day so they show up right before their class and can leave when they are finished.  It was “homework” time when we got there and so the students that were finished were free to do whatever and the others were finishing up.  We walked in when they were done and started introducing ourselves to the students.  Some of them spoke some English and others were timid.  We  started making bracelets with the kids and some of the boys were playing football in the hallways (yes! football in the hallways).  The whole class was pretty crazy and loud, but very fun.  After the bracelet making we were all playing football I saw a little girl sitting alone. I went and sat by her. she didn’t really understand what I was saying and I had no idea what she was saying.  Her friend came over too and she seemed to understand more of what I was saying.  We started taking funny pictures with my camera.  The girls loved it – take a picture of something, look at it laugh, repeat!!!   While we were taking pictures I taught her how to say my name and some of the other kids there too.  It was amazing that even though she couldn’t speak english well she could say all of our names and that even though we couldn’t talk back and for we could bond through taking pictures.  I cant wait to see what God has in store for the rest of the week!  We will be back at this school tomorrow and Wednesday so please pray for the relationships that started today to continue and for us to be able to share Jesus with these students.

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