March 11 – Micah Downs (Poland)

Sunday we started off with breakfast at the hostel and then we headed to the tram with the group. Today was not the best day to wear vans, my feet were numb the first five minutes outside, needless to say I will be wearing my tennis shoes today! I was really excited to arrive at the church. I was excited to see the differences between First Baptist and the church here. Brett preached at the church and a translator translated what Brett said. Yesterday I learned how big God really is. God is not just the God of the U.S, He is not just the God of Poland. He is the God of the universe. And I realized that through the worship at the church. I could not look around the small building without seeing everybody singing with all of their heart. That really touched my heart. After the church service, we headed to a small pizza joint around the corner. It was a little bit different from the pizza in Texas, but still enjoyable. We then split into groups for either prayer walking or tearing down the stage. Cody, Morgan, and myself took on the job of tearing down the stage. We worked hard on that for about three hours, and ended up taking the whole thing down. After that James came and got us and we jumped on a tram and made it to the mall with about thirty minutes left before the concert. I had a Big Mac from McDonald’s and the rest of the group had subway. The group exchanged some money and we headed to the concert. The youth concert was different for me, but I had a great time hearing the band do their best to sing in english.  The picture is from the concert. We passed some flyers out that were talking about the youth leadership camp that will be going on tonight and Wednesday night. I am really excited about that and hopeful that I will be able to share my testimony with a few of the teenagers at the camp. I am having such a great time here already, and am dreading leaving at the end of the week. I pray that God will use me in a powerful way in these next few days.

2 responses

  1. Micah, It sounds like God is really blessing your time in Poland! Praying for you and the group as you share Christ’s love!

  2. Micah, thank you for the update! So excited for y’all! Praying continuously!

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