March 11 – Mary Beth’s Blog (Brazil)


Hi Everyone,

     Today was our first full day in Brazil and we did some sightseeing and shopping. We had our first Brazilian meal at breakfast and it was all pastries. They had a bunch of bread and rolls where you could put fresh cheese, meat, or butter inside and they had freshly squeezed pear, orange, and grape juice. After breakfast we took a bus up through the mountains and shopped in a German/hunzrich town. After a couple hours of shopping we ate at such an awesome restaurant.  They brought out little samples of all sorts of food and we had so much food on our table it looked like Thanksgiving. My favorite was a banana fritter and the hot apple cider. On top of all the food they had a separate dessert table filled with all kinds of sweets. Everyone left with their stomachs huge. After lunch we went to a park where we toured, took pictures, and went on swan boats on a little pond. We went to an outlet mall sort of thing and did more shopping. Dinner was probably my favorite part because it was something so different then I have ever been to. I ordered a burger, but get this…with fried egg on top. The burger was bigger than my hand and looked like a big pancake. I was a little hesitant at first but it was so delicious. When we got back to the hotel we had a little share time and Joe, John Paul, and Daniel the missionaries sang a hymn to us in Portuguese and it was awesome. They were so helpful today helping us with paying and ordering food because it is very hard to communicate based on hand signals. They are such awesome people! I know this doesn’t do the day justice, but we took many pictures and videos to show when we get home.



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  1. Charlotte Watson | Reply

    Love those banana fritters, too. Brazilians know how to serve delicious foods, that’s for sure. Praying for your team and your Christian witness everywhere you go.

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