We have arrived (Brazil)

ImageBoa noite!  We have arrived in Dois Irmaos, Brazil!  We spent 31 hours from FBCgT to the Hotel Di Fratelli.  It is a very long journey, and everyone is wiped out.  However, this was by far the smoothest trip down that we’ve experienced.  All of our flights were roughly on time.  We had no ticketing or luggage issues.  Immigration asked us no questions.  We bypassed customs.  And, we successfully ate lunch and left Rio on the right flight with our limited Portuguese!  Daniel, Joseph and John Paul met us in the airport at Porto Alegre and we had a traditional Brazilian meal of McDonald’s 🙂

We had a very brief share time tonight, and everyone went off to bed.  We are excited about the beginning of this week, and look forward to daily updates of the work that God is doing here with us.  Tonight, Kiersten and Addie have written our blog posts.  Enjoy the read, and a quick picture.  There will be more tomorrow.

As for tomorrow, we will be heading out to visit a few places we have worked in the past and do our “tour and shopping” day.  Always mindful of what God may place in our path, this day will be fun, but we are looking and praying for God to present opportunities of ministry while we are there.  Pray for guidance as we move into the rest of the week as well.

5 responses

  1. I LOVE THE BLOGS!!!!!!!!!

  2. I heard Jay hit his head!!!! Tell him I am going to buy him a helmet.

  3. Very cool! Thank you for all you are doing for others! Love, Paula


  5. Was really exciting. Shall look forward to your next posts during your stay here. Its really nice of what you are doing to for humanity. Wish you luck 🙂

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